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It is fair to say that views on Freemasonry cover the full spectrum, some individuals and organisations are opposed to Freemasonry, whilst other individuals and organisations fully support the aims and ideals of it. In this technological age there are numerous articles, readily available on the World Wide Web about Freemasonry and for those without access to the Web, libraries provide a wealth of information. Hopefully individuals will conduct their own research and make up their own minds about Freemasonry.

Those who do research will find amongst other things that Freemasons believe in a ‘Supreme Being’ but an individual’s faith will dictate who that ‘Supreme Being’ is. Consequently membership covers a wide range of faiths. Freemasons also believe in brotherly love (to all people, not just Freemasons), relief (charity) and truth.

For those seeking answers to questions on Freemasonry or further information we recommend you visit the website for the United Grand Lodge of England or for a more local view the web site for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Staffordshire. Both of these websites can be accessed from the Useful Links page and give a great deal of information on Freemasonry today. If you require information about St. Bartholomew Lodge please send your email via the Contact Us page


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Updated: 1st November 2023