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michael kors womens watches with diamonds And many have been reluctant. And after 23 years of employment and several promotions, Richards will be one of 14 honored by the White House on Monday as a Champion of Change for prisoner reentry.Rhode Island Department of Corrections is ramping up its partnership with the state’s Department of Labor to employ offenders upon their release.,michael kors handbags torontoThe statistics, as they now stand, are not encourmichael kors wallets outlet uk TtU6Piaging.The states that are making progress have focused on finding employment and stable housing for ex-convicts when they are released. Eventually, the Fortune Society, a Bronx-based non-profit that supports successful reentry, was the exception; it hired Richards as a counselor.michael kors womens shoe caryn

white michael kors watches for women '”While the need for ex-offender employment and housing opportunities is obvious to corrections officers, and increasingly lawmakers, private employers and landlords still have to buy in to the idea for it work.Richards will be joined at the White House by state lawmakers, business leaders and others, who are gathering to discumichael kors wallets outlet uk TtU6Piss how to reduce recidivism by offering more opportunities for the ex-offender population. “We’re trying to transform the system by looking at the needs of the community and the needs of offenders,” says John Wetzel, the Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, who will be a part of a White House panel Monday to discuss best practices.,michael kors backpack price The Administration is also working to provide retroactive relief to some criminals impacted by harsh federal drug laws that have since been reformed. would essentially allow it to opt out of providing birth control coverage so that another entity could provide it instead. After five years, 76.michael kors miranda pony hair

women michael kors sneakers on sale “Some employers say it would be wreck less to hire ex-offenders, but wouldn’t it be just as wreck less to say no to employing someone just because they weremichael kors wallets outlet uk TtU6Pi in state prison?” Wetzel says. “Just maybe, through education, things could get better. And after 23 years of employment and several promotions, Richards will be one of 14 honored by the White House on Monday as a Champion of Change for prisoner reentry.,michael kors hamilton handbags on clearance “When I ask them ‘what do you need,’ the overwhelming majority say ‘I need a job. After bouncing in and out of jail as a teen, he eventually caught a charge that stuck and was sentenced to nine years in prison for robbery. Doing so, the group says, is akin to signing “a permission slip” for birth control and abortion.michael kors womens fashion

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