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michael kors hamilton satchel purse On the eve of the 2006 hurricane season, New Orleanians reflected on the take-away from Katrina, and it wasn’t exactly a movie-of-the-week michael kors handbags daniel footwear 9KkAYomoral. Is it really possible, after so many commissions and commitments, bureaucracies scrambled and rewired, emergency supplies stockpiled and prepositioned, that when a disaster strikes, the whole newfangled system just seizes up and can’t move?Read the full story, free of charge: The Aftermath (Sept. They are industrial-strength respirators, stark and white, the only things capable of stopping a stench that turns the stomach and dredges up bad memories of a night nearly three months ago.,black and gold michael kors watch women The scarier things get, the fuzzier the lines of authority become. This country’s emergency operations, awesome in their potential, are also frighteningly interdependent.com: It’s Worse Than You Think (Nov.macys michael kors shoes

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