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michael kors black glitz watch for men The models that go into calculating 100-year storms are constantly changing, yet the levee system, once built, will be fixed.And, while the city sinks, climate change has been contributing to higher sea levels, further exacerbating flood risk. By 2100, that number will be down to 1-in-315 under conservative estimates and the assumption that the city continues to upgrade its current infrastructure, according to RMS.,michael kors neoprene crossbody bagIdentifying the places facing the most serious risk of a devastating hurricane requires a two-pronged approach: figuring out where the next big storm is likely to strike and determining how well those locations have prepared.upply chain:Read Next: TIME’s Report on Blood DiamondsWhere should we expect the next Hurricane Katrina to hit? Despite 10 years of work and some billion in investment in disaster preparedness, experts say we may still want to look to New Orleans. The odds are 1-in-125 in Miami and 1-in-200 in New York City.michael kors devon tan

michael kors crossbody turquoise The land on which the city is built is sinking, even faster than the sea levels are rising,” saimichael kors bags 75 off CuLjred Robert Muir-Wood, chief research officer at Risk Management Solutions.In Louisiana, federal dollars have funded the creation of a 133-mile levee system designed to protect the city from a once in 100-year storm. In many places, like Florida, there’s littlmichael kors bags 75 off CuLjree motivation to spend time thinking about how climate change may make the next storm worse.,michael kors gold backpack Around the globe, sea levels are estimated to rise 1 to 3 feet by 2100 due to climate change. The land on which the city is built is sinking, even faster than the sea levels are rising,” saimichael kors bags 75 off CuLjred Robert Muir-Wood, chief research officer at Risk Management Solutions. But it may not be enough to withstand the next serious storm, one that will likely be exacerbated by global warming and changing conditions in New Orleans.michael kors purses on clearance white

gia crossbody michael kors handbag For other regions that haven’t prepared, the next storm could only be a season away.“Looking forward, New Orleans is faced with a double-whammy. michael kors bags 75 off CuLjreAccording to RMS, three cities beyond New Orleans face especially high chances of large-scale damages: Miami, Tampa and New York City.,michael kors backpack macys The pumps—the world’s largest—could fill the Superdome with water in 90 seconds.“Looking forward, New Orleans is faced with a double-whammy. “The government was not prepared to invest that much.michael kors clutch orange

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