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2016-08-29 01:06:49

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michael kors travel bagEnvironmentalists hope Monday will come to be viewed as an “economic tipping point” in the battle against climate change. But it was she and other college activists who actually gave the divestment movement legs in its nascent days. Other schools with large endowments, like Harvard and Brown, argue that divestment is a symbol,michael kors black and gold plat sandals Other schools with large endowments, like Harvard and Brown, argue that divestment is a symbol“That’s time you’re wasting,” he says, “that you could be out making money. Despite birthing the movement, Swarthmore has continually maintained that divesting would hurt the school’s endowment, which it says it not meant to be used to advocate for social purposes.michael kors bag violet

mk bags for sale “In asking for divestment, we are implicitly stating that investment is a choice,” Mountain Justice, Swarthmore’s student-led divestment advocacy group, says on its website. “And by that time the parents’ resources and the students’ resources have run out. Choosing to invest in an industry means financially endorsing that industry’s practices.,michael kors crossbody purse clearance ”Students at other schools, like Hoffman at UC Berkeley, quickly picked up the fight. “ It is a political choice with global consequences.For recent University of California, Berkeley graduate Katie Hoffman, the idea that the heirs of an oil tycoon would reroute billions of dollars away from fossil fuel companies was laughable when she began advocating that her school divest michael kors ankle boots 6Xag1Hfrom those businesses in 2011.michael kors skylar rose gold watch

amazon com michael kors women watchesnet Imichael kors ankle boots 6Xag1Hn the 1980s, it was college students that first pushed their administrators to divest holdings from companies doing business in South Africa, where the racist regime of apartheid still reigned. “We have a stake in this. The campaigns mirror previous efforts to deal with moral and political issues via economic means.,michael kors bags 123 More recently, prominent schools such as Harvard and Brown divested from companies operating in Sudan because of atrocities occurring in Darfur.More than 700 investors pledged to divest their holdings from fossil fuel companies, just a day after an estimated 400,000 demonstrators marched through the streets of New York to demand that world leaders take action to stop climate change at a United Nations summit this week. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund michael kors ankle boots 6Xag1Hand about 50 other foundations have a combined .dillard michael kors silver watches for men

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